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Hernia Surgery

Hernia is a bulge that results from either an organ or a fatty tissue squeezing itself through a weak spot that surrounds a muscle or connective tissue called fascia. The bulge forms a soft lump which disappears when pressed on or when the person lies down. Additionally, hernias may be painful when the person bends over, coughs, or lifts something heavy.

Types of Hernias

Inguinal Hernia- inner groin region.
Incisional Hernia- results from previously made incision
Femoral Hernia- outer groin
Umbilical Hernia- from belly button
Hiatal Hernia- develops due to weakness in the diaphragm ( muscle that separates chest from abdomen)

We offer surgeries for all types of Hernia in Male, Females.

We have one of the highest success rates in Hernia surgeries.

Hernia surgery is the same as hydrocele surgery in pediatric age group.

In adults, two major approach
1. Laparoscopic hernia repair (ventral hernia/incisional hernia/inguinal hernia/
2. Open technique of hernia repair like Lichtenstein mesh repair, modified shoelace repair, bassinis repair

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